Ply House

1950s renovation

Built on a bomb site in the mid 50s this house is part of a small estate designed with quiet streets and cul-de-sacs, generous gardens and hedge-lined pavements. This scale, and the consideration given to day-to-day ease of living and connection with neighbours, is in strong contrast to contemporary dense towers and their generic stick-on balconies at nearby Elephant & Castle.

The basic post-war construction of the terrace allowed easy clearing away of partitions and doors to reveal open front-to-back views with light streaming in through large format square Rationel windows. These replaced the original Crittal, sad to see them go but the new relate to that earlier aesthetic with additional acoustic and thermal benefits. Materials are white painted plaster walls, oak parquet and cork floors, birch ply paneling and built-in furniture, tile and laminate - a plain and warm palette appropriate for the building, and a calm backdrop for a mix of furniture, art and objects acquired over time.

Private client SE17


Photography Gareth Gardner


Garden View
JohnSylvia Reid
Kitchen table
Pocket Shelf detail
The Road Home Tony Scrivener
Julia Wilson painting
Landing bookshelf
Plywood Bathroom
Eleanor Pritchard Ply Box