America Square

City apartments

Furniture and art for a new development of long-stay hotel suites in a converted office building behind Tower Hill, for corporate clients, designed to be anything but. Each apartment is arranged to live in, not just pass through, with its own mix of re-editioned twentieth century chairs and lights, super-comfy sofas, one-off textiles, hand-knotted rugs, original prints and paintings, books on the shelf and well-stocked kitchens; altogether elegant, eclectic and familiar, as you would like home to be.

Native City EC3

Developed by Danescroft Land
Operated by Native


Photography Gareth Gardner


America Square Julia Wilson Case Lap
America Square Penthouse
America Square Penthouse Kitchen Dining
America Square Saarinen Robin Day Kvadrat Sudden
America Square Penthouse kitchen Modus Multi Robin Day
America Square Penthouse living
America Square Wallace Sewell Matthew Hilton sofa
America Square Conran marble table Wallace+Sewell
America Square Penthouse bedroom bathroom
America Square living dining
America Square Lema sideboard
America Square Arper Dizzie