Robin & Lucienne Day

Jun 20 - 2015

Robin Day much in the press with centenary celebrations and a relaunch of the Reclining Chair 1952 chair by 2021. This joins the Case re-edition of the 675, a fantastically useful and lovely chair of its time and still perfectly good today, used at America Square. Rummaging about on the subject I came across the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation which is not only packed with archive info on their life and work but is gorgeous itself – designed by Studio Fernando Gutiérrez, see below – with a spare graphic and careful, easy navigation it reads somehow more like a book than a website. 


Robin Day 675 chair Robin Day 1952 Reclining Chair Robin Lucienne Day

Studio Fernando Gutierrez

Jun 19 - 2015

Losada Books, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Oviedo, Spain 2003 / Illustration by Marion Deuchars 

Miró, The Maisonite Series, Spain 1936 / Exhibition catalogue for Art Basel / Helly Nahmad, London 2008

Studio Fernando Gutiérrez

Losada books Miro Masonite Series

America Square

Jun 10 - 2015

America Square Julia Wilson Case Lap America Square Conran marble table


Jun 01 - 2015

Nicholas Lees works in two very different media - clay and ink, both minimal and monochrome, with something landscape in the works on paper so not surprising to read that the latest series has to do with hedgerows. Intriguing. Nice bulldog clips.


image image

Yellow 03

May 08 - 2015

Working on a selection of artwork for a new development I spent the day at Project Art looking at mono and limited edition prints by Jasia Szerszynska amongst others, then over to Julia Wilson's studio at the top of her house. All going into Go Native apartments at America Square, photos following.



image Julia Wilson studio

Yellow 02

May 06 - 2015

Tauba Auerbach / Morse Alphabet, no spaces, yellow, 2005

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May 02 - 2015

The Paulistano, see previous post, has found its way into America Square apartments for Go Native. The simple and wonderfully graphic single bent steel frame is waiting for someone to move the mattresses and fit the leather slIng - last stages in putting the hotel together.

Opens next week, project details here.

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Yellow 01

Apr 10 - 2015

tumblr n10fw9Dm0M1qkxr0so1 1280

Surface pattern

Mar 10 - 2015

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tumblr n87d5jiPW71rpn2wqo1 1280

Southwark streets

Dec 27 - 2014

Christmas Day, 2014, walking through Southwark, completely deserted streets - is this the quietest day of the year in London?

On the road: beautifully designed and made 50s-70s municipal signs, all downhill thereafter, Octavia Hill (National Trust) Redcross Street Cottages and public space, the medieval Crossbones burial ground, fabulous ornate facade friezes in Leather Lane, and Trinity Church Square, remarkable for being an undisturbed Georgian estate and also for the incidental artwork that is the presumably repaired/replaced stone on one side of the Church.

image image image