Pairs 02

Feb 11 - 2012

Two people who understand proportion, colour, what goes where, and in Philipp Mainzer’s case material.

Ben Nicholson lithograph, 1945 (design for an act drop)
ENOKI side table, 2011

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ben e15


Feb 07 - 2012

Io lamp by Matthew Hilton – elegant, un-faddy, energy efficient and practical – sadly no longer in production. The spare shape with precisely separated elements puts material choice to the fore: brushed nickel plated steel arm, cast iron base and crucially a porcelain shade making an ordinary compact fluorescent lamp a thing of beauty. All this for around £100. Should UKPLC be able to match our design talent with the ability to manufacture to this level of finesse, and at an affordable price?

Used in consulting rooms throughout The London Medical Chambers

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Pairs 01

Feb 03 - 2012

Grass green: something very satisfying about this colour especially in February when England is pale grey. Sorting through files I found these two images sitting together: Peter Zumthor’s monastic pavilion at the Serpentine last year was a severe and beautiful form in the park, intensifying the experience within and the grass around, the same green instantly identifies a Penguin crime novel.

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Grass Green

Analogue life

Jan 20 - 2012

Craftsmanship and pattern-making from Japan. Floating Realms by Jacob Hashimoto and beautifully shaped hand turned bowls in natural oak by Kihachi studio, the oldest producer of wood products in the Yamanaka region, from Analogue Life.

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analogue life bowl hashimoto 2

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