24 hours in Milan

Mar 27 - 2019

Broken Nature Design Takes on Human Survival

Alice Rawsthorn wrote about Paola Antonelli and this exhibition in Wallpaper and in her series of Instagram posts on women in design, which led me to visit this vast, staggeringly beautiful, revealing and even hopeful exhibition.

Humans and the natural world: what have we done, what are we doing, and is there such a things as restorative design? Too much to see and take in in one visit, I'm working through the catalogue.

One example, a housing project by Chilean architects Elemental where limited resources are used to design and build half a good house, for completion as and when by the resident. Incremental design, shifting prejudices and addressing social inequality.

XXII International Exhibition of La Triennale di MilanoMarch–September 2019 

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Elemental Chile Broken Nature Broken Nature poster

UK Election 2017

May 07 - 2017

One real piece of news this week amid the strangeness that is contemporary politics, Cornelia Parker has been appointed official election artist – a previously unknown post. An excellent idea and an inspired choice by the Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art, she will no doubt bring something subtly extraordinary to the debate as well as publicising the role. Fascinating to see what she does, how much airplay it gets and what the reaction is.

Meteorite Lands in the Middle of Nowhere, 2001Hitting: Bethlehem (North Carolina)

"One of the biggest threats to the future of the planet is obliteration by a giant meteor. The meteorite has become the embodiment of fear of the unknown, although the earth is littered with them" - Cornelia Parker

Good piece on the artist and the role here.
Follow progress on Instagram


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Cornelia Parker Hitting Bethlehem North Carolina

Lines, pin marks

Jul 31 - 2015

Agnes Martin at the Tate, the master in less is very much more with her faint and broken lines and translucent layers playing havoc with eyes and expectations. Loads written about the mysterious and admirable Martin, who did her own thing, my one discovery is that I am massively disturbed by the horizontal line-only works, and totally at one with the grid. Not sure what that's all about. Titles not much help - The Rose, I Love the Whole World - and neat pin marks at the edges of a canvas the only clue as to practice and making, otherwise we are left to wonder. Which reminds me of Barnet Newman who knew Martin and whose own works do something similar in presenting a simple face and keeping you looking/thinking.

On A Clear Day 1973
1974 interview with Agnes Martin


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Agnes Marton On a Clear Day Agnes Martin

Yellow 03

May 08 - 2015

Working on a selection of artwork for a new development I spent the day at Project Art looking at mono and limited edition prints by Jasia Szerszynska amongst others, then over to Julia Wilson's studio at the top of her house. All going into Go Native apartments at America Square, photos following.



image Julia Wilson studio

Still-life photographs by Hélène Kugelberg

Jun 30 - 2014

Still-life photographs by Hélène Kugelberg of the Spellinge Estate, south of Stockholm, built in the 17th and 18th century and where she grew up. No further information available, in the same way that virtually no light is allowed into these mysterious views of aparently perfectly preserved interiors.

Hélène Kugelberg Spellinge
Graphic Design / Central St Martins London 2014

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Jun 30 - 2014

So much to see at this time of year, so little time; here are four designers who made me stop and look.

Skye Gwillim has been investigating freedom, control, pattern-form and the emotional impact of repetitive hand-making through a process that might be described as knitting with paper; the result of these studies is a series of quietly satisfying 3-dimensional geometric structures intended for therapeutic use beyond simple decoration, surprisingly strong and elastic, with exciting potential to develop in use, material and scale.

Skye Gwillim Flow
Textiles / Central St Martins London 2014


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