How To Live It

Apr 21 - 2019

Paul Smith in the FT How to Spend It magazine, dedicated as suggested to outrageous consumption, advises contrarily exactly how not to:

“Many people commission interior designers and have beautiful houses, but they often lack a strong personal connection to the owner. Another way of doing it is to build up your interior over time, by buying pieces when you travel or spontaneously when you see them. To me, home is made up of all those things you've collected in life.”

This makes me wonder if living the throwaway-life is a generational and possibly short-lived thing. Growing up in the 60’s we not only did we not have any money, there was nothing to buy anyway. Hard to imagine – no on-line, takeaways, gadgets, Ikea, cheap flights, instead a lot of charity shopping, making and cooking, writing letters.

Will kids revert in the wake of climate emergency, social inequality and instant-access boredom?

 Paul Smith

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