UK Election 2017

May 07 - 2017

One real piece of news this week amid the strangeness that is contemporary politics, Cornelia Parker has been appointed official election artist – a previously unknown post. An excellent idea and an inspired choice by the Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art, she will no doubt bring something subtly extraordinary to the debate as well as publicising the role. Fascinating to see what she does, how much airplay it gets and what the reaction is.

Meteorite Lands in the Middle of Nowhere, 2001Hitting: Bethlehem (North Carolina)

"One of the biggest threats to the future of the planet is obliteration by a giant meteor. The meteorite has become the embodiment of fear of the unknown, although the earth is littered with them" - Cornelia Parker

Good piece on the artist and the role here.
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Cornelia Parker Hitting Bethlehem North Carolina


Jul 18 - 2013

And, just joining up the last few posts, William Scott 1950s Nude Drawings at Karsten Schubert practically next door to Cornelia Parker at the Frith Street Gallery.

Untitled Nude, 1956 William Scott
Pavement Cracks, 2012 Cornelia Parker



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Cornelia Parker

Jun 08 - 2013

I heard Cornelia Parker speaking recently, a conversation with psychoanalyst Darian Leader about her current exhibition, a new monograph, and the process of thinking and writing about motivation, destruction, composition and starting points; some things begin with pavements, others with cracks in prison walls caught before being obliterated by repair.

Cornelia Parker at the Frith Street Gallery until 27 July.