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Feb 15 - 2017

2 brands I didn't know

Blond, a lighting manufacturer with a typically impressive Scandinavian design heritage showing both re-editioned light fittings by Erik Gunnar Asplund and new products. They have a distinct line running through the entire portfolio of almost excessively simple design, strong shapes, quality materials and families of different sizes making the fittings useful and adaptable to all scales and type of building. You would think everyone would do this but no. Looking forward to seeing more of this brand in the UK and to using the lights.

Finnish manufacturer Adea, on the other hand, we sadly won’t be seeing or using because of UK upholstery regulations; I was going to say that Europe has one set of rules and we have another but turns out there is virtually no standardisation and all countries have their own testing requirements. So much for blanket imposition of overbearing EU standards, in this case ours are more onerous so Adea can’t sell here. What a shame, I loved this company and as with Blond it’s hard to know quite why - not staggeringly different but very right - proportions, materials, combinations.


Blond Bend Mini 300 / Bornstein Lyckefors & GA7 / Erik Gunnar Asplund

Adea Baron sofa, Bon sofa & Plateau table / Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle


Adea Bon sofa Plateau table Adea Baron sofa Bend Mini GA7

Inform family

Feb 07 - 2017

Inform love all things Scandinavian, represent both established and new brands and consequently have a beautiful shop packed with good things. Worth a visit. These are a few of my favourite things:

Lightyears Nightowl, Swedese Laminett, Bla Station Honken & Lintex Air Cork


Inform Family

Robin & Lucienne Day

Jun 20 - 2015

Robin Day much in the press with centenary celebrations and a relaunch of the Reclining Chair 1952 chair by 2021. This joins the Case re-edition of the 675, a fantastically useful and lovely chair of its time and still perfectly good today, used at America Square. Rummaging about on the subject I came across the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation which is not only packed with archive info on their life and work but is gorgeous itself – designed by Studio Fernando Gutiérrez, see below – with a spare graphic and careful, easy navigation it reads somehow more like a book than a website. 


Robin Day 675 chair Robin Day 1952 Reclining Chair Robin Lucienne Day


May 02 - 2015

The Paulistano, see previous post, has found its way into America Square apartments for Go Native. The simple and wonderfully graphic single bent steel frame is waiting for someone to move the mattresses and fit the leather slIng - last stages in putting the hotel together.

Opens next week, project details here.

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Wire frame

Nov 06 - 2014

Two more on the theme, old and new.

Paulistano chair, designed in 1957 by Paulo Mendes da Rocha

Bend Farmhouse chair, Gaurav Nanda


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Sep 17 - 2013

mca chair development on-going, this version in plain ply with a Bute Tweed slip and leather pillow. More about the project here. 




mono mca chair


Aug 13 - 2013

I was thinking that the Jill chairs just installed in the Royal Festival Hall interval bars were designed by a Brazilian, but no, Alfredo Häberli is Argentinian so that link evaporated but they surely are not-so-distant relatives of the Carl Jacobs chair and that connects to Sarah Morris shapes, in my mind anyway.

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image image

Clerkenwell 02

May 23 - 2013

Short fat Mega sofa, and all-legs skinny Tio chairs by Massproductions, who used to work for Ikea so know about getting useful lovely things made well.

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image image

Clerkenwell 01

May 23 - 2013

muuto had gorgeous thin ply chair prototypes at CDW, launching later in the year, and until then their collection is full of deceptively simple objects that have neatness engineered in and price out. Here are 2: Up Lamps, and Stacked shelf system.

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image image


Mar 28 - 2012

Development drawings on brown paper for a chair, based on a 1960s plywood frame. Inevitably it will become a computer file but for the time being it’s more a tailor’s pattern, and if all goes to plan it will be made in a North London workshop and completed with a hand-printed sling seat.

Update: Frame made, sling in progress, to be exhibited at 3 Mills in July.
Made by Martin Bates, Mary Ann Chatterton, Amanda Culpin


MCA drawing 1 MCA drawing 3