Green Extra

Jun 07 - 2018

While I was thinking about green walls and noticing them, and noticing also the proliferation of plastic plants outside hotels for example, and astroturf all around, I saw this sweet spontaneous outburst on my street. 2 days later it was gone, pulled out or sprayed I can’t tell, but it seems to be making a comeback now.

Bonus: the photo won the Desso #CDWStreetView Twitter Competition, so off to Sky Garden to review their landscaping next.

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Spontaneous green wall Spontaneous death

Green Elephant

May 24 - 2018

A story of three green walls on my walk to work.

Best of all the magnificent wall at the side of the Bakerloo Line entrance at Elephant & Castle, well established and now in full glorious bloom. Presumably this space could be earning someone a large amount of advertising cash, instead if you glance up for a moment you get a vertical garden above the traffic. Brilliant.

New-ish on the side of a residential tower opposite the Castle Pool is a more modest but no less lovely block of planting, at people-height so more visible, part of generally good landscaping around this part of the development. While it gets settled in it looks like a half-finished tapestry and the stop-start of the plants is the thing that is so enjoyable, in stark contrast to

this: very new and very sad, an entirely plastic green wall outside Uncle, designed by Rogers, Stirk, Harbour + Partners. With a weirdly uniform repeat and hyper-green colour it has nothing to do with anything natural. What is the thought process here? No doubt a living wall is an investment, and a bit of a hassle to maintain but this poor relation looks hideous, and I wouldn't bank on it lasting very long. More importantly, surely indefensible while we are banning plastic straws and talking plastic-free isles in supermarkets, amongst other things. If you can’t afford a green wall don't have one, do something else, but don't substitute plastic.

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Glorious Elephant green wall New Elephant green wall elevation New Elephant close up Uncle plastic plants 3 Union plastic plants 1