Pairs 03

Feb 11 - 2012

On the surface, literally, nothing much in common between more-is-more Grayson Perry who covers his objects in images and text documenting a very personal world-view, and John Pawson who pares to the minimum to achieve an anonymous combination of function and beauty. United by respect for craft, ancient and contemporary, both deal in clarity: Pawson makes useful things and complex buildings legible in their appearance of simplicity, and Perry uses language, humour and history to look behind the hype of media-saturated life. If design is problem-solving, not an exercise in ego, these two are examples of practical and emotional application.

Grayson Perry The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman British Museum

John Pawson When Objects Work

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small monk jp

Pairs 02

Feb 11 - 2012

Two people who understand proportion, colour, what goes where, and in Philipp Mainzer’s case material.

Ben Nicholson lithograph, 1945 (design for an act drop)
ENOKI side table, 2011

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Pairs 01

Feb 03 - 2012

Grass green: something very satisfying about this colour especially in February when England is pale grey. Sorting through files I found these two images sitting together: Peter Zumthor’s monastic pavilion at the Serpentine last year was a severe and beautiful form in the park, intensifying the experience within and the grass around, the same green instantly identifies a Penguin crime novel.

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Grass Green