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Oct 02 - 2014

London Review of Books bookshop already also sells cakes, and now downstairs has been converted into a salon/library and event space with a refectory table for meeting, reading, after hours dinners, stools for kids, and a big screen for talks and films. Just shows what you can squeeze into a small space, featured today in the Evening Standard and picked by David Nicholls as his favourite place for a quiet quarter of an hour with a book.

Designed by Utility, furniture from Another Country, Hitch Mylius and Century, vintage carpet from Larusi.


LRB Bookshop


Jul 05 - 2014

Overlapping experience at Ballet Rambert last night - I'm not wild about the kind of performance where you sit in a huge theatre and watch specks in the distance, this was the polar opposite: Merce Cunningham pieces performed in 2 studios with dancers and the audience moving between both, getting us so close we could see the extraordinary physical and technical detail involved and impossible not to be mesmerised by the mix of dance, Philip Selway (Radiohead) score, backdrops and costume designed by Gerhard Richter based on the Cage paintings. And all happening in the newly finished Allies and Morrison studios. Ace combo.

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Innovation Design Engineering

Jul 01 - 2014

Last of the 4 and back to Innovation Design Engineering, a really well presented show: complex ideas involving overlapping disciplines clearly and engagingly presented physically, digitally and in person.

The Ion by Peter Spence is a small box containing a wirelessly connected intelligent motor designed specifically for kids to use in playing and making. Tapping into their natural creativity, un-censored imagination and technological ease the Ion makes an idea mobile: attach one or several to something, anything, and you instantly have endless possibilities for a mad hatters’ tea party of invention, and maybe the start of a lifetime’s problem solving.

Peter Spence Ion
Innovation Design Engineering / RCA London 2014

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Innovation Design Engineering

Jun 30 - 2014

I went to see architecture and Interiors at the RCA but got waylaid in Innovation Design Engineering: a brilliant MA course putting makers, thinkers, engineers, and entrepreneurs together to see what happens.

Paul Stawenow showed his Project Phoenix, a neat idea to make the recycling of small electronic components a no-choice part of the life-cycle of gadgets: in-built from inception valuable bits are easily ejected in a ready-to-post pack, you and I don’t have to think about it, industry assists in a real application of environmental standards, and precious resources are saved from landfill. Genius.

Paul Stawenow Phoenix
Innovation Design Engineering / RCA London 2014

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Still-life photographs by Hélène Kugelberg

Jun 30 - 2014

Still-life photographs by Hélène Kugelberg of the Spellinge Estate, south of Stockholm, built in the 17th and 18th century and where she grew up. No further information available, in the same way that virtually no light is allowed into these mysterious views of aparently perfectly preserved interiors.

Hélène Kugelberg Spellinge
Graphic Design / Central St Martins London 2014

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Jun 30 - 2014

So much to see at this time of year, so little time; here are four designers who made me stop and look.

Skye Gwillim has been investigating freedom, control, pattern-form and the emotional impact of repetitive hand-making through a process that might be described as knitting with paper; the result of these studies is a series of quietly satisfying 3-dimensional geometric structures intended for therapeutic use beyond simple decoration, surprisingly strong and elastic, with exciting potential to develop in use, material and scale.

Skye Gwillim Flow
Textiles / Central St Martins London 2014


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skye 4 skye 6

Everyday light

Mar 26 - 2014

At school yesterday we talked about light and graded colour and the fact that artists use stock building materials, fluorescent lamps and acrylic paint to disrupt space for physical and emotional impact. More scope for designers to use the same methods, perhaps, rather than following the rules. Read Kit Cuttle on his wonderfully straightforward work with everyday lighting: he’s not keen on calculations or codes but loves an illuminated plane and knows how that makes us feel (very hard to regulate).

Pieter Vermeersch solo exhibition at team gallery, New York, and James Turrell at Pace Gallery London now.

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Untitled 2010 copy Jadito Red 1968 copy


Feb 18 - 2014

DIN was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century by the Prusssian railway for freight trains, which has a parallel with Frank Pick commissioning Edward Johnston to design a new typeface for the Metropolitan Railway, now the London tube: type used to help navigate extraordinary shifts in culture, industry and society. Would we do that today? Douglas Murphy writes about the contrast between the visionary everyman design of this period and Boris Johnson’s corporate/commercial pursuits, and Jonathan Glancey suggests that Pick and Johnston today would have the clear sight to rip the whole thing up and start again with something new, for now.

Chris Chang sans–serif typeface study


din red crop din yellow crop

Favourite font

Feb 15 - 2014



Good fit

Jan 01 - 2014

Ideas for a new gym project – more dancing in the street, oxygen, rushing down a hill or up a mountain, less crop tops, impossibly white teeth and men with no necks.

Cyd Charisse in bathing suit, here she is in Band Wagon


Cyd image image